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Automatic Crypto Trading Bots

Auto Prophets Angel Bots are designed to be simple and work automatically.....

Would you like an easy to setup trading bot software for you to start work in the cryptocurrency markets every day for you? Simply set what Markets and how you want to do trading on your own Exchange account and your Angel software located on servers in Singapore will scan the markets 24 hours a day for you and place orders according to your settings so you don't have to be at your computer trading all the time. More time to enjoy Life!


Automate your Trading!

How does it work?

When you start the Angel Trading Bot Software you configure an Algorithm using our simple to configure Artificial Intelligence and other market data sources such as, and that you can use to automate your Trading. We provide display of live market Artificial Intelligence signals and then provide you an easy to use Dashboard that lets you set conditions for your Angel to do automatic trading when you want and how you want based on the settings you choose!


See Live Market Artificial Intelligence Signals
Use AI Signals for all Crypto Markets
for Manual or Automatic Trading!
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Setup In 3 Easy Steps

Get started quick, easy and effortlessly!

By setting up a Auto Prophets Account and adding a third party Exchange API Key, you can get started and have your own Automated Trading Bot working for you! Your Auto Prophets Angel Bot takes care of everything automatically once you have started it with your chosen settings. Take control of your automated trading and configure your Markets you want to trade as well as configure Stop Loss and Take Profit settings. Current supported third party Exchange : Binance


Only Pay Fees On Profits!

The Auto Prophets Angel Rental Fee is calculated weekly and based on absolute profits from the time you start your Auto Prophets Angel Bot. You are only ever charged a Rental fee on profits. This means that you only pay a fee when your Trading Bot is profitable.
No guarantees are made to generate Profits and you may have Losses as high as 100% on your Third Party Exchange Account. A Rental Fee is only due to Auto Prophets, if your Trading Bot has generated profits. Automated Trading is very high risk. Please seek advice from a Financial Advisor before using.


Want More Bitcoin?

Auto Prophets provides an Affiliate system for people who wish to refer customers to Auto Prophets and earn commissions on Fees paid to Auto Prophets by these customers. All Fees are paid in BTC so we also pay commissions in BTC. Read more here. We have a two level system where you are rewarded 28% of Auto Prophets Fees paid by people you have referred (first level) and 5% of Auto Prophets Fees paid by people who were referred by these people (second level).