How to Start a Auto Prophets Angel!

Below is an example of how to start your Angel!

Step 1. Add your API Key

1. When logged into your Auto Prophets account, you will see in the Navigation at the top of the screen a link called "API Keys". Click on this to see the screen where you will enter your API Keys.

2. Click on "Add New API Key" to see the screen below where you can enter a Nick Name, the API Key and Secret as supplied by your Exchange account.

3. Click on "Add New API Key" and the website will now check your API Key and add to the Software ready for you to use and start an Angel.

Step 2. Choose Type of Artificial Intelligence to use

1. You will see on the left side area a button that says "Start New Angel". Click on this to see the screen where you will see you can now begin choosing the Artificial Intelligence for your Automated Trading.

2. You will see Knight Rider (recommended) which is our latest AI that we have developed, and also the option to use the Older AI that we have developed. You can see on the Hall of Angels the past performance for these different AIs and see which one you want to use.

3. Once you have chosen which type, then click on it to proceed. To see instructions for each different type of AI, then click on the green button below the image for which type of AI you chose.


If you chose Knight Rider, then continue reading this page.
If you choose to start an Angel with Rocket, Spock, Trendy or Booky

Step 1. Choose Exchange and API Key to use

1. You should see the option to now choose an Exchange and API Key for that Exchange that you have already added.

2. Simply select the Exchange and then the API Key to proceed.

Step 2. Choose Market for Knight Rider

1. You will see a drop down box that lets you select which market you will choose for Knight Rider to trade automatically for you.
2. You will see there is options for BTCxxx and ETHxxx. Choose which option suits you to proceed.

Step 3. Enter Balance to Use for trading

1. You will now see an area where you can choose to enter the amount of Balance you want Knight Rider to trade automatically with. The minimum amount is set to US$25 to cover stop loss amounts without going below the minimum order amount. Simply enter an amount of $25 or higher that you want to use to proceed.

2. Please note the Knight Rider strategy was trained on using a 50%/50% ratio between the BTC and BUSD or other option you choose such as USDT etc. From a mathematics perspective, 50/50 shows best performance over a longer time. However, you can use what suits you and use 75%/25%. You can see this by seeing the amount of BTC or ETH converted for you.

a) The amount you choose for BTC or ETH will be what Knight Rider uses for Shorting BTC and sell this and then buy it lower to increase BTC balance.
b) The amount you choose for USDT, BUSD or other coins will be what Knight Rider uses for Longing BTC and buy BTC and then sell it higher to increase the USDT, BUSD or other coins balance.
c) If you do not have enough available BTC or BUSD, USDT or other coin you chose, you will need to log into your Exchange account and deposit or convert the required coin in order to use Knight Rider.

Step 4. Choose Global Trailing settings

1. When starting a Knight Rider, you must choose what is your Stop Loss amount and use this for the Global Trailing. For example, if you wish to stop your Knight Rider from trading when it has a loss of-25% then you can do this by entering -25% and choose your Angel to either Pause or Stop. Anytime a Globall Trailing was triggered, then you will be sent an email with details of this so you know it has happened. In this way, the Global Trailing acts as a Stop Loss.

2. The Global Trailing works in two ways, the other way acts as a Global Take Profit. For example, if your Knight Rider, highest percentage amount was 67% and you had 25% as your Global Trailing, then if Knight Rider's percentage dropped below 67-25 = 42%, then the Global Trailing would be triggered and your Angel will Stop/Pause according to your settings.

a) Choose the percentage amount you want to have your Angel apply a handbrake at.
b) Choose whether to Stop or Pause your Angel.
c) Click on Continue.

Step 5. Confirm chosen settings

1. Now you will see an overview of the settings that Knight Rider will use. Please read over this and confirm them. If you need to change anything, then click on the "Change settings" button. Otherwise proceed down the page to read and agree to the terms and conditions to Start an Angel.

Step 6. Agree to Terms of Use and Start an Angel

1. Read over the required Terms of Use for starting an Angel and tick the box once you have fully understood what it means.

2. You can optionally choose or not choose to Display your Angel in the Hall of Angels. If you chooose to display your Angel, then you will be in the Weekly and Monthly Competition to earn free rental fee credit.

3. Once you have agreed to the required Terms, then click on Start Angel.

Step 7. Angel has started and Working

1. You will now see on the screen a notification window letting you know your Angel has started and an Angel ID.

Step 8. Angel has Active Signals and starts Transactions

1. Your Angel will be working 24 hours a day 365 days a year using your Settings and once there is an Active Signal, your Angel will start new transactions and begin monitoring these transactions for you. Below is an example of an active "Buy/Long" Transaction.

Step 9. Angel can be Paused to stop New Transactions

1. You can click on the "Pause" button on the Angel Dashboard and your Angel will be set to Paused and not open any new Transactions.

2. When the Angel is Paused, you can click on the "Start" button on the Angel Dashboard and your Angel will begin Working again and open any new Transactions when there is Active Signals according to your settings.

Step 13. Angel Transaction Details

1. On your Dashboard you can click on any Pending or Completed Transaction and see the full details of the Transaction Entry and Exit orders and the quantity, prices, value and fees. You can see the Stop Loss setting for this Transaction. Additionally you are provided with info about the transaction such as how much time has it been "active", the maximum drawdown and maximum runup.

2. For Pending Transactions, you can perform a Manual "Take Profit" or Manual "Stop Loss" by using the "Finish" button and then confirm the completion of this transaction by clicking on the "Finish" button. Your Angel will then place an Exit order and set the transaction as Completed with the current nett profit/loss.

Step 14. Change Angel Settings

1. You can edit any Angel Settings any time you want and make changes as you need to. On your Dashboard you can click on the tab called "Settings" and then you will be able to change any of the Angel Settings you entered when starting your Angel. The first thing you can see is the area where you edit the Balance Settings.

2. The second area is where you change your Global Trailing Settings that you can edit anytime.

3. You can keep scrolling down the Settings area and edit whether or not to Display your Angel in the Hall of Angels and what name you want your Angel to have.

4. You can keep use the links at the bottom of the Settings area to use the Auto Prophets Telegram Bot which can send you Automatic Reports every X hours that you set it. Just use the link or send an email to yourself with the link to get the Telegram Bot started and follow the directions on Telegram.

Step 15. Angel can be Stopped anytime

1. You can click on the "Stop" button on the Angel Dashboard and your Angel will give you two options on how you set your Angel to Stop. You can choose the option to Stop with Limit or Stop with Market.

Stop with Limit : will place limit orders for each Pending Transaction, above the cost price to be in profit when the price reaches this level to complete the transaction. Your Angel will continue to work and wait until each Pending Transaction has had the limit orders completed. Your Angel will then stop and be set as finished. The best way to see this option is that your Angel will stop when pending transactions are in profit and this can take as long as it takes for the market prices to come into profit and could be hours, days or even longer in some cases.

Stop with Market : will place market orders for each Pending Transaction at the current price whether it is in profit or loss. Your Angel will take up to 2 minutes to complete all market orders and then your Angel will stop and be set as finished. The best way to see this option is that your Angel will stop within 2 minutes by completing pending transactions immediately at the current price and possible to have some losses. You can see on your Dashboard the current "Total Profit/Loss" and this amount will be close to what your Angel will complete at after performing all market orders.

2. If you choose Stop Limit, then your Angel will continue to monitor existing pending transactions and eventually finish when the Price % for the Trnsactions are larger than 0.2% (break even after exchange fees) or higher. This may take some time as it is dependent on the markets but your Angel will continue to work and wait as long as it takes.

3. You can at anytime, click on "Start" and your Angel will resume working again. Once your Angel is set to Working again you can click on "Stop" and choose "Stop Market" if you want to stop your Angel immediately.

4. If you choose Stop Market, then your Angel will begin the process of "Stopping" to then be set to "Finished". This can take up 60 seconds. Thank you for your patience.

5. Once your Angel has fully completed the "Stop Market" or "Stop Limit" process above, you will then see your Angel is now set to "Finished" on the Dashboard and your final Profit/Loss is displayed.

Step 16. Start a New Angel again!

1. Now you have Started and Stopped an Angel, you can when ever you want, start a New Angel with new settings as you want your Automated Trading to be done for you.