Auto Prophets Angels

Set up and own your own Automated Crypto Trading Bot Software that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 365 days of the year!

How does the Angel Trading Bot Software work?

Using an Angel Trading Bot Software allows you to use technical analysis provided by leading crypto technical analysts at and to automate your trading on your own exchange account for you. No human involvement is required except you to start your Angel Trading Bot Software with the set the amount of balance you want to use and configure the settings you want such as which Markets to do Automatic Trading on, set Stop Loss, set Take Profit and what Trading View and Coin Gecko conditions you want to use.

Your Angel Trading Bot Software is located on secure servers in Singapore and runs continuously without you needing to have your computer on or be logged into Auto Prophets. By adding an API Key for your Binance Exchange Account then you can Start an Angel and leave it running! At no time does Auto Prophets or the Software have access to your Account Funds or Assets. You simply set how you want to have your Angel to do Automatic Trading for you and let it work 24 hours a day!

Below is an example of settings when starting an Angel

What third party Exchanges can the Trading Bot Software connect to using my API Keys?

Auto Prophets currently only can be used on the third party Exchanges : Binance

Please see the Binance website for supported countries and any restrictions based on your jurisdiction or other licensing and regulations on the their Websites.
Auto Prophets has no affiliation or connection to Binance and is a third party Exchange where your Trading Assets are managed by Binance. Ensure you understand the risks involved in using Third Party Exchanges by seeking advice from a Financial Advisor.

How much Balance or Funds will my Angel Trading Bot Software need to work?

You can use any amount you want as long as you are using more than the minimum order amount set by the Exchange where you are trading. You will only need to ensure you calculate and allow for Minimum Order Value at the Exchanges. See their websites for minimum order value required for the markets you wish to trade on.

Example: If Minimum Order Value is (0.0001) and you allow for a 50% Stop Loss, then you need to use 2 x Minimum Order (0.0002) Value to allow orders to be finished and the value be over the minimum value required if the stop loss was reached. If you were then trading on 10 Markets, you would need 10 x (0.0002) = (0.0020) as available balance for your Angel to work.

You can use a maximum amount of your choice up to the limits that are on your Exchange Account.

What profits can I expect using the Angel Trading Bot Software?

There are no promises or guarantees when using an Angel that you will make profits. Past results does not give an indication of future results. Cryptocurrency markets are extremely risky and you should understand the risks involved in using Automated Trading Bot Software by seeking advice from a Financial Advisor before using an Angel.

What are the Steps to get my Angel to work?

1. Setup an Account with Auto Prophets.
2. Verify your Account by Performing KYC (Know Your Customer).
3. Activate your Auto Prophets Pre-paid Rental Fee Account with a payment of US$395 payable in BTC.
4. Add your API Key from Binance, the third party Exchange Account.
5. Decide your third party Exchange Account Maximum Balance amount to use. (minimum required 0.01 BTC)
6. Adjust settings such as Markets, Order Conditions, Stop Loss and Take Profit for you Trading Bot Software.
7. Start your Angel and watch your Dashboard to see results.
8. Let your Angel work automatically for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week!
9. At any time you wish, you can Stop your Angel or change settings.
10. You are the only person in control of your Funds and Assets on the third partyExchange.
11. Using API Keys ensures your money is safe on the third party Exchange.
12. Auto Prophets has no access to your Assets/Funds in your third party Exchange Account.

Once you have done this, your Angel is now working 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week performing Automatic Trading according to your settings!
Enjoy your Life more with automation!

How much do I pay for using the Angel Trading Bot Software?

Auto Prophets is not responsible for losses or profits and is totally up to your skill level using the settings you configure.

Auto Prophets charges a 30% of Nett Profits Rental Fee each week. The Rental Fee is calculated weekly and based on absolute nett profits from the time you start your Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software. You are only ever charged a rental fee on profits.
This means that you only pay a rental fee when your Angel Trading Bot Software is profitable and if not profitable then no rental fees are due.
If your trading is not generating profits then you are not required to pay a fee.

As an example, if your Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software produced a profit of 0.1 BTC for you in 7 days, then Auto Prophets charges a 30% rental fee on this profit amount. This would calculate to be 0.03 BTC in this example and your nett profit after paying the rental fee would be 0.07 BTC. All Fees are calculated and payable in BTC only.

As an example, if a loss of 0.01 BTC Balance occurs, Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software continues to trade and will not require rental fees until the 0.01 BTC loss is made up by a 0.01 BTC profit. You only ever pay a rental fee for profits above the profit reached last time a rental fee was calculated. If your Bot makes no profits during the week, you are not required to pay for the Angel Trading Bot Software running on our servers for you.

Rental Fees are calculated as the Angel Trading Bot Software is running and payment is due every 7 days. The calculated weekly rental fee will need to be present in your Auto Prophets Account in order for Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software to continue trading.
If your Auto Prophets account has not got enough Rental Fee credit available, then Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software stops trading and set as Finished.
You cannot enable Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software when there is an amount owing on your Auto Prophets Account.

If the required Rental Fee that is calculated is lower than your Auto Prophets Rental Fee Account balance, you will be notified and have 24 hours to add more funds to your rental fee account, or the Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software will be stopped and the Rental Fee payment charged to your Auto Prophets Rental Fee Account.

Our Payment Terms are similar to a Mobile Phone Pre-paid account where you pay an initial amount to fund your Pre-paid Account and you pay for service as you go according to usage from this Pre-paid account and can top up the Pre-paid Account at any time with any amount you wish to.
Please ensure you keep enough credit for the Rental Fee for your Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software to be running continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What risks are involved with using the Angel Trading Bot Software?

Trading Crypto Currencies carries a very high level of risk, and may not be suitable for everyone. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of 100% of the funds in your third party Exchange trading account, and therefore you should not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Before deciding to trade Crypto Currencies, with Auto Prophets Trading Bot Software, or otherwise, you should carefully consider your goals, level of experience, and ability to understand risk. You should seek independent financial advice before commencing use of the Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software to fully understand the risks involved. Auto Prophets is not responsible for any losses on your account. Auto Prophets is not responsible for any profits on your account.

The past results of Auto Prophets Trading Bot Software is not indicative of future results. No guarantee can be or is given regarding what will be the results of using Auto Prophets Trading Bot Software. Using Auto Prophets Angel Trading Bot Software means there is risk of losing your entire Maximum Balance In Use. Do not use the Angel Trading Bot Software without full awareness of the losses involved.

Use Auto Prophets Angel at your own risk and only use an amount you could possibly lose because of your settings! Your Automated Trading is determined by your settings that you configure such as Stop Loss and Markets. Auto Prophets does not provide any advice on what Stop Loss method or Markets and you must determine this yourself and know and understand trading before attempting to use the Trading Bot Software.

How do I see my Angel Trading Bot Software working and results?

At all times you can view on your Binance third party Exchange website account the order history and see what your Trading Bot Software is doing. You can see the automated trading you have configured in your settings and see each market and what is happening.
Additionally Auto Prophets provides a Dashboard for you to manage your Angel and see the Total Profit/Loss and other important results of the automated trading activity on your exchange Account.

Can I stop my Angel software anytime I want?

You always have full access and in control to Start, Stop and Pause your Angel.
When stopping your Angel Software, you can choose the option to Stop with Limit or Stop with Market.

Stop with Limit : will place limit orders for each Pending Transaction, above the cost price to be in profit when the price reaches this level to complete the transaction. Your Angel will continue to work and wait until each Pending Transaction has had the limit orders completed. Your Angel will then stop and be set as finished. The best way to see this option is that your Angel will stop when pending transactions are in profit and this can take as long as it takes for the market prices to come into profit and could be hours, days or even longer in some cases.

Stop with Market : will place market orders for each Pending Transaction at the current price whether it is in profit or loss. Your Angel will take up to 2 minutes to complete all market orders and then your Angel will stop and be set as finished. The best way to see this option is that your Angel will stop within 2 minutes by completing pending transactions immediately at the current price and possible to have some losses. You can see on your Dashboard the current "Total Profit/Loss" and this amount will be close to what your Angel will complete at after performing all market orders. Pause : Setting your Angel as Paused will stop your Angel from starting any new transactions but continue to monitor and finish any existing transactions with the settings you have in place. You can when yo Pause your Angel, start your Angel again any time.

What is KYC (Know Your Customer) and why do I need to do it?

Auto Prophets has a strict policy of ensuring all Accounts are real people and we perform a KYC (Know Your Customer) Process as a way to ensure only real people are using Auto Prophets.

To perform KYC you will be asked to provide the following using Veriff.
a. A photo or scanned image of your driver's license, national identity card or passport.
b. A selfie using your Phone Camera or Computer web camera.

In the case of a Corporate/Company Account, additionally these will be required.
c. A scanned image of an Official Company Report issued from government within the last 12 months including a list of all directors.
The identity in (a) and (b) above must be one of the listed Directors able to Sign for the Company.
d. A link to a government website in your Country to verify your Company Registration.

Can Auto Prophets access my Funds or Assets?

Auto Prophets cannot access your funds or assets at your third party exchange Account. Because you add an API Key with only functionality that gives your Trading Bot Software the ability to trade only on your behalf and no form of withdrawals of any kind are permitted, then it is impossible for Auto Prophets to access your funds. This makes using your Angel software safe for you knowing that only you are in control and your funds are safe on your third party exchange Account.

What are the requirements for me to use the Trading Bot Software?

Auto Prophets requires you to perform KYC and setup your Rental Account with a pre-paid amount and pay for Rental Fees each week from this Pre-Paid Account. You will need to ensure you have a sufficient amount in your Pre-Paid Account to cover your Rental Fees due each week or else you will receive an email notification to top-up your prepaid account and have 24 hours to do this or your Trading Bot Software will stop working.

Does Auto Prophets do trading for me and need me to send money to Auto Prophets?

Auto Prophets does not do any Trading. Auto Prophets is a Trading Bot Software provider. You can rent the use of the Angel Trading Bot Software to trade on your third party exchange Account for you. Auto Prophets and the Trading Bot Software are not an investment of any kind or provide any form of financial advice and you are charged Rental Fees for the use of the Software. By using your own third party exchange Account, you are always in control of your money and your trading activity at all times.

Does Auto Prophets provide me with a Cryptocurrency Wallet to store my coins and tokens?

Auto Prophets does not supply any type of blockchain cryptocurrency wallet to store cryptocurrency coins or tokens. When using the Trading Bot Software your coins and tokens are stored on your third party exchange. When using the Trading Bot Software, any funds you want to trade with must be available on your third party exchange Account. Auto Prophets does not store, hold, swap, buy or sell cryptocurrency coins and this is all performed on your third party exchange Account.

What payment methods can I use for Auto Prophets Rental Fees?

Auto Prophets only accepts Bitcoin as payment and you are provided a BTC Address for you to make payments to your Rental Fee Account once logged in. Payments sent to this address are processed within one hour and show on your Dashboard Rental Fee Account area. This address is not a wallet or storage for your coins or tokens. This is for Auto Prophets to receive rental fee payments to credit your Rental Fee Account. All payments to your Pre-paid Rental Fee Account are non-refundable.

What if I think Auto Prophets Rental Fees have an error and want to dispute them?

You can at any time dispute any Rental Fees deducted from your Pre-paid Rental Fee Account. To dispute the fees you need to provide evidence for us to review so we can understand your dispute. Once you have presented a dispute Auto Prophets will then review the Rental Fees with you and ensure they are correct. You are supplied all the information in your Auto Prophets Dashboard to review the orders placed by the Software and calculate profits and losses. You can verify all the Trading Bot Software orders on your third party exchange Account and see your entire order history to check the details match the Auto Prophets system.

Can I earn a commission for referring someone to Auto Prophets?

Auto Prophets has an Affiliate Program that rewards people who refer customers that pay Rental Fees to Auto Prophets. Auto Prophets pays 28% on people you refer and up to 5 levels of referral. The commission is paid when the referred customer pays Rental Fees to their pre-paid account and available for you to request 7 days after payment was made.