Auto Prophets Affiliate Program

Auto Prophets Affiliate Program pays commissions on Rental Fees paid by clients referred by yourself.
All you need to do is ensure you provide your Affilate link to people who can then signup to Auto Prophets and be recorded as being referred by you. You can find your Affiliate Link when you are logged into your Auto Prophets account and click on Affiliates.

We have a strict policy of how we allow Auto Prophets to be promoted by Affiliates as follows.

We do not allow you to reference your affiliate link, or Auto Prophets or anything to do with the Auto Prophets Trading Bot Software to be posted on Social Media in any format such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and any other social media platforms. If we discover that you have posted your affiliate link or a link that refers to your affiliate link on any Social Media, we will terminate your account.

We do not allow you to create webpages, print promotional materials, make advertising banners or anything else that references Auto Prophets or any Auto Prophets offerings or displaying your Affiliate Link. Our policy requires you to only use our Website provided at your Affiliate Link for promoting Auto Prophets to ensure consistent and up to date information is presented to your potential referred Customers. If we discover that you have used your own promotional materials of any kind, we will terminate your account.

We do not allow you to send emails to lists or do mass mailing or anything else that is similar to "spam" or "unsolicited emails" that references Auto Prophets or any Auto Prophets offerings or displaying your Affiliate Link. If we discover that you have done mass emails or email campaigns of any kind, we will terminate your account.

We do not allow you to make any claims of income derived from the use of the Trading Bot Software or the Auto Prophets Affiliate Program. Auto Prophets makes no claims, promises or guarantees of income from the Trading Bot Software or Affiliate Program and you are not permitted to make claims, promises or guarantees of any income. Ensure for any promtions, you only use the Auto Prophets website which provides up to date information. If we discover that you have made any income claims of any kind, we will terminate your account.

We do not allow you to use the Affiliate Program to have Auto Prophets Accounts that are specifically used to be paid Affiliate commissions or more commonly known as "stacking" that would normally be paid to the person who referred you. If we discover that you are using a Auto Prophets Account to access the Affiliate Program just for the sole purpose of generating Affiliate Commissions, we will terminate your account.

By promoting Auto Prophets or any activites of referring clients to Auto Prophets, you agree to this policy.

How much and when do I get paid?

a. Commissions are paid on Rental Fees when the User has paid Auto Prophets each week when Rental Fees are due.
b. Commissions is paid on deposits to Rental Fee Pre-Paid Accounts.
c. A Referral fee of 28% is paid for Rental Fees paid on Level 1 referred.
d. A Referral fee of 5% is paid for Rental Fees paid on Level 2 referred by any referred User on Level 1.
e. Rental Fee payments are made in BTC and so all commissions are also paid in BTC.
f. A total of (28% + 5% = 33%) is always paid on Rental Fees as Affiliate Commissions.
g. Commissions are available to you 7 days after the Rental Fee was paid to Auto Prophets.
h. Commissions finalised between the 1st of the month and 14th of the month are are paid on the 16th.
i. Commissions finalised between the 15th of the month and 31st of the month are are paid on the 2nd of the following month.

What income can I expect from the Affiliate Program?

There are no promises or guarantees of any income from the Auto Prophets Affiliate program. By providing a link to potential new customers to visit the Auto Prophets website, they will be recognised as referred by yourself. The Auto Prophets system will then automatically pay out commissions on any Rental Fees paid each week. If you refer people who do not pay any rental fees then no commissions are paid. Only when Rental Fees are paid each week are commissions calculated and paid 7 days later.

What do I need to do or qualify to receive Affiliate Commissions?

There are two requirements for you to receive Affiiate commissions from Auto Prophets.

1. Have an Active Angel Trading Bot Software.
You are required to have an "active" Angel Trading Bot Software that has been working within the last 7 days and "actively" using the Angel Trading Bot Software on a constant basis.

2. Supply a BTC Address to send your Affiliate Commissions to.
Each time you wish to receive your Affiliate Commissions, you will be required to supply your own BTC Wallet Address and request Commissions to be sent using your Affiliate Dashboard when logged into Auto Prophets.

Do I need to pay a Rental Fee to Auto Prophets to "qualify" and receive Affiliate Commissions?

There is no requirement for you to pay Auto Prophets a rental fee to receive your Affiliate Commissions. Please see above the only two requirements we have for you to qualify and receive Affiliate Commissions.

In order for your requirement of an "Active" Angel, you will need to have funded your Pre-paid Account which Rental Fees are deducted from. This is required but no actual rental fee payment or monthly fee deducted from your Pre-paid account is required in order to receive Affiliate Commissions.

Why do I need to wait 7 days after Rental Fees are paid to receive Affiliate Commissions?

Auto Prophets provides each User of the Trading Bot Software to have 7 days after a Rental Fee is paid to their Pre-paid Account before the Rental Fee is considered finalised and non-refundable. Once finalised we will then pay Affiliate Commissions on the Rental Fees.

Where can I see the people I have referred and the Affiliate Commissions reports?

Auto Prophets provides you an Affiliate Dashboard which allows you to see the list of Users you have referred to Auto Prophets. You can also in this list see the commissions you are due and have been paid in the past.

Do I have to pay Taxes on Affiliate Commissions?

You are responsible for your own Taxes. Seek Taxation Advice from a qualified and licensed Accountant or Lawyer in your jurisdiction on what Taxes are required of your Affiliate Commissions. Auto Prophets takes no responsibility for Taxes that are required by Users for Affiliate Commissions they have received. Auto Prophets keeps KYC (Know Your Customer) Details of each User Account to ensure any Tax Authority requests are able to be met to show payments of Commissions and to whom these were paid.